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2018 - 2019 All Community Events Ambassadors

Mandi Florip

Mandi began running in middle school and never stopped. As a high school and college cheerleader, running was the exact athletic counterpart to keep her fitness levels high. An Illinois licensed attorney, Mandi is currently the Executive Director of the Lake County Municipal League, a council of government representing 42 municipalities in Lake County. An avid weekend race warrior, Mandi tries to run 2-3 races each month from Milwaukee to Chicago and loves the opportunity to be a member of the All Community Events Ambassador Team.

Mark Walker

I did run some long distance track back in high school. But haven’t taken up running again until the last 3.5 years.  I belong to several run clubs (Prairie State Road Runners (PSRR), Inwood Run Club (IRC), Channahon-Minooka Run Club (CMRC), DNA Run Club (DNARC).  DNA is the local run store I go to.  I am an ambassador for their store.  I run 30 to 40 races a year with my girlfriend (my running partner in crime).  We have a quest to run a 1/2 marathon in every state.  At the moment we have 9 states completed.  Next year we are slated to add at least 6 more states.  Out off all the distances, my favorite by far is the 1/2 marathon. I have run the Chicago marathon (2017). This year I am supporting fellow runners by volunteering at the start corrals. Generally I run 5 times a week and cross train at least one day. Outside of running, I work in IT as a software developer.  I have 2 kids, both boys (ages 7 and 9).  Both play soccer, baseball, and basketball.  I coach each of their sports for both divisions all year round.

Krista Volk

Krista grew up playing soccer, where she was the goalkeeper since she hated running!  Back then it was punishment and today it is her go to.  In 2010, she started running more to relieve stress, and to become healthier.  She ran the Chicago Marathon in 2011 and has done ten marathons since then.  She started doing triathlons for a change of pace, and completed the Louisville Ironman in 2016.  Krista is a new mom to 8-week-old Cody and is in her twelfth year of teaching middle school math in Libertyville.   Krista tries to run 1-2 big races a year with a lot of little ones in between and she is very excited to be a part of the All Community Events Ambassador Team!

Alice Henry

Alice is now gearing up for her 3rd Chicago marathon.
After college, Alice started running as a means to lose a few pounds. She started going to Bally’s health club and running on the treadmill… then running on the indoor track….and then outside for some fresh air. Outdoor running opened up a brand new, unlimited world to her. She was hooked.
In 2002, Alice challenged herself. She signed up for the Chicago Marathon, her first race ever. She trained alone, and finished. Her motto with everything in life is this….if you prepare, you can do ANYTHING.
When not training for a marathon, you can catch her outside or on a treadmill 3-4 days a week year-round, just to have fun, stay in shape, or to manage stressful days on the job in Accounting. Her teenage son also enjoys running, so Alice is hoping that he continues the legacy. To be chosen as an Ambassador for All Community Events is an extreme honor for her!!

Chris Dean

Chris didn’t find running as an outlet till about 6 years ago when he got sucked into training for the Disney Marathon weekend marathon 2012. While training for a half marathon, and his wife for her first marathon, it became contagious. Chris has since run 24 half marathons & 3 Chicago Marathons. He is a daily runner (with NO treadmill miles) and hit a 195 day run streak earlier this year. Chris is married with a family of 3 children, 2 in elementary school and 1 grown and in the Air Force active duty in Alaska currently. Chris works as a Service Director for a global medical device company & may be seen sneaking out of work to get a run in for his “daily meditation”, on a regular basis.